Placenta Services

There are many choices when it comes to consuming/repurposing your placenta.

Here at Tree Town we offer the following options:

Steamed Method- $200 Balancing of the Yin/Yang

First the placenta is steamed with lemon and ginger.  This imparts warmth(Yang) to the placenta and in turn to the mother’s uterus.  After steaming, it is dehydrated, ground into a powder and encapsulated.  This method is good for immediate postpartum, history of mood disorders and can be used for hormonal support in later years.

Raw Method- $200

Dehydrating the placenta at a low temperature for many hours, ground into a powder and encapsulated. This results in a higher potency capsule. It may be very benficial around the 4-6 weeks postpartum when your hormones are returning to their prepregnancy levels.

Half & Half (Raw/Steamed)- Additional $20

Cord Keepsake included with both preparation methods

Part of your placenta may be frozen for your use upon request for no charge.

Tincture- $20

A small portion of placenta is infused in an alcohol base for six weeks.  This method is good for stressful times and perimenopausal symptoms.

Placenta Art-$10 per print, may be purchased without capsule preparation.

A nice remembrance of the time your body spent growing and sustaining your baby.


What are the benefits of consuming your placenta?

-Speedier recovery, increased milk production, help even out mood and anxiety, INCREASED ENERGY

How do I know my placenta is prepared safely?  

We prepare your placenta in our sanitized home.  We adhere to Biologix Solutions’ Bloodborne Pathogens for Doulas and Placenta Encapsulators and ServSafe Food Handling guidelines for the State of Michigan.

How do I know I am only consuming my placenta?

We process one placenta at a time.  We take reservations to ensure that we save an alotted time just to prepare your placenta.

How do you get my placenta?

We pick up your placenta from the hospital or your home and return the finished capsules to you within 72 hours.  Rush service may be available and  returned capsules to you with 36-48 hours. Inquire for more information

Current clients receive a discount when bundling two or more services together!