Important Class Information


Unless otherwise stated, all group classes will be held at Nest & Nurture. The Nest is located at 722 Brooks St., between Summit and Miller, just east of Mack Pool (near the intersection of N. Seventh and Miller, about one mile west of downtown Ann Arbor).


Parking is available both in the lot and along the street. Parking is available on the east side of the street only (that’s the same side that the Nest is on). Just be sure to check for signs indicating where you cannot park. In addition, please be careful not to park too close to our neighbors’ driveways (by city statute, you cannot park within three feet of a private driveway and some of our neighbors will ensure enforcement of this statute). If necessary, you can park around the corner along the side streets.

As you approach our building from the street, please enter through the parking lot in front of our building and avoid cutting through our neighbor’s driveway on the right (purple house). Thank you!


Registration is generally meant for an expectant parent and partner, unless specifically noted. We welcome parents of all types including single parents, foster parents, adoptive parents, and intended parents of surrogate children. Reach out to us at if you have any questions at all.

What to wear

Please dress comfortably for classes. We have many activities that get you moving and often work on the floor. We ask that you do not wear any strong perfumes or fragrances. Besides a concern for possible allergens, we have found that pregnancy often creates a strong reaction to scents.

Cancelling Classes

We will try very hard not to cancel classes for any reason. Unfortunately, I may have to cancel any class that has less than 2 people registered. This decision will be made at least a week in advance. It is possible that a private session could be arranged in this case as a substitution.

It is possible that we would have to cancel class due to a snow storm or in case of a power outage at the Nest & Nurture. All class participants will be notified via text and email as soon as possible. A makeup date will be scheduled for all cancelled classes.

Refund Policy

A full refund, minus a $30 processing fee per class, will be provided upon request up until one week before a class begins. After that time, refunds will not be issued, though students may transfer their registration to another class. Once we are within 24 hours of a class beginning, no refunds or credit transfers will be permitted.


We will provide a selection of healthy snacks and beverages for each class. We also encourage you to bring your own water bottle. There is a refrigerator and microwave that you are welcome to use for your own snacks. Please let me know if you have a severe allergy that I should be aware of when planning the snack. For full day classes there will be a one hour lunch break. Participants on these days may either choose to bring a lunch with them or leave to eat at one of the many local restaurants.