If you are looking for a doula, you may already be aware that research is showing benefits to having a doula at your birth and supporting you postpartum. Here is what our clients have to say about the benefits of working with us…

I knew after my second birth experience that I wanted to hire a doula. I found Martha when I was about six months along. She was just what we needed. A great support for my husband before, during and after my delivery as well as a source for a much-needed confidence boost for me. She helped me feel empowered and prepared. She was with us through the last stages of labor and created the most tranquil setting I could have imagined. I credit Martha for preparing us and empowering us and ultimately guiding us through one of the best experiences of our lives.” – Kristie, Ann Arbor

Having Anna as my doula was such a huge part of making my hospital birth experience all that I hoped it would be. Her amazing calm, professionalism and support got me through a trying labor and delivery, 100% naturally. I could not have done it without her! I would recommend her highly.”
– Becky, Ann Arbor

Catherine, I’ll never forget what you said to me one day while you were here. ‘ I am here to support and help you so that YOU can transition to do it yourself ‘. This gave me confidence that I CAN manage by myself. As great as it was having you around, you were helping to convince me that I can do it. You are a great doula and we are thankful to have met you.” -Leila, Ann Arbor

Catherine has been like family to us and did a great job in making me feel confident about being a good mom.”  -Zoha, Ypsilanti

“…what we loved most about Gillian was that we felt like Gillian got us she understood us as a couple. She got to know us, how we support each other, and what kind of support we would need from her once I was in labor. Gillian was exactly what we needed. She gave us alone time during labor when she sensed we needed that, she was right by my side during other portions of the labor, and she was emotional support for my husband when I had unexpected complications soon after delivering our baby. Gillian told us all along she would support us in whatever way we needed and she did just that, without us even having to tell her what it was that we needed. We’re forever grateful for Gillian and her being such an important and close part of our baby’s arrival into the world.”  -Julie, Ann Arbor

“Having a compassionate support system is so important before, during, and after giving birth. Toni was the perfect antidote for my first time mom jitters, and she was instrumental in helping me achieve the perfect birth experience for my circumstances.” -Hannah, Saline