Erica McLeod (she/her)
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)
text/call at any time (734) 913-0794

Group classes will taught at 722 Brooks Street in Ann Arbor.
All other services can be in your home or virtual.
ASL and Queer affirming.

Bodyfeeding Assessment Consultation 

2 hour in-home consultation.  I’ll work with you to do a complete bodyfeeding assessment and as needed, latch support / correction, pump education and future planning.  Cost: $120

How am I doing?  Check-in (hourly)

Hourly services to assess bodyfeeding progress, check in on your journey and discuss adjustments as necessary.  This is great for a “I just have a couple of questions” need.  Cost: $40 /hour

Bodyfeeding Group Class

2 1/2 hour comprehensive group class for new parents enables us to take time to answer all your bodyfeeding questions and concerns.  Receiving preemptive education is the best way to avoid bodyfeeding complications, increase confidence and increase bodyfeeding success!  Cost: $100

“I want to do things differently this time around” private class

If you have a history of bodyfeeding but want to do things differently with this baby I offer a bespoke listening, planning and education session to help prepare you for your new baby.  Cost: $100

Comprehensive Lactation Support Package

For maximum support, choose the full package.  Cost: $400 Includes:

  • Prenatal bodyfeeding education class (group or private)
  • Phone, email and texting support
  • Weekly 30 minute phone check-ins for 4 weeks after baby’s birth
  • a 60 minute in-home followup visit at the end of your 4 weeks of support