Postpartum Day and Overnight Care

     Our postpartum doula services are available day and night to smooth the many transitions you will encounter with your new baby or babies. We help with the transition from pregnancy to parenthood–from knowing it’s going to be hard to the sleep-deprived, to the sometimes scary, messy and exhausting “why-didn’t-anybody-tell-me?” reality of parenting a newborn. Your baby and your body will be changing from day to day, and we will be there to reassure, guide and care for you and your whole family.
     Your investment in postpartum doula services will bring you highly-trained and experienced professional support for breastfeeding, infant care, babywearing and postpartum recovery. When your postpartum doula is at your home, she will give you a chance to nap or shower, help with older siblings as well prepare meals, do light housework, and offer emotional support–all as determined by your priorities each day. Contact us for further details.

How long does a postpartum doula work with a family?

   You will have support for major transitions and milestones as well as countless moments of being cared for, understood and reassured when you have a postpartum doula. Choose the time frame that works best for your family. While there is no one standard time frame for every family, here are a few possible scenarios for having a postpartum doula for various lengths of time:

12 Weeks: Help at night and or extra support during the day as family members transition back to work, Support while you hire childcare providers or prepare for at-home parenting.
6 Weeks: Rest and care for you for the full typical postpartum recovery period. Extra rest for you after baby’s second growth spurt, introducing bottles and learning to use your pump.
2 Weeks: Initiating successful breastfeeding, coping strategies for when your milk comes in, and for hormonal shifts and the emotions they bring, reassurance during baby’s first growth spurt, extra sleep for parents while baby has no circadian rhythm.
 Your investment will be at an hourly rate:

Daytime (7am – 7pm)  $35/hour, 4 hour minimum per day, 12 hour minimum booking

Evenings/Overnights (7pm – 7am)  $40/hour, 7 hour minimum per night, 3 night minimum